Our core services can be carried out on board of any type of seagoing vessel, offshore vessel, inland barge, tugboat, fishing vessel, etc.

Those services include:

  • wall/ceiling insulation incl. fixing of pins
  • wall and ceiling panels - delivery and assembly
  • floor panels/deck covering of the outer deck surfaces with teak and iroko wood
  • delivery and assembly of sanitary blocks including systems connections
  • delivery and assembly of light metal furniture
  • covering the outer surfaces with wooden floors (teak, iroko)
  • production of marine furniture production and its assembly on board
  • electrical (incl. lighting), water and sanitary system installation in outfitting works areas
  • HVAC system in outfitting works areas - assembly
  • maintenance and painting works with reference to renovated and newly-constructed ships:
    •    Abrasive blast cleaning up to class 2,5
    •    Thermal spraying
    •    Painting
  • insulation works with the use of polyurethane foam
  • works consisting of placing machinery and equipment on chemically hardened backings


ACTIV offers a wide range of repair works, modifications or conversions, which can be performed on any type of vessel moored at a harbour/shipyard or (subject to conditions) onboard a vessel during short range sails between nearest harbours. ACTIV works in close cooperation with a professional Design Office, which allows considerable flexibility in terms of adapting the existing technical documentation or concept design to workshop standards. The company’s current offer can be found in our own marine furniture catalogue prepared in cooperation with furniture designers.

To ensure the highest standard of services, ACTIV employs mobile teams of highly skilled outfitting staff whose work is coordinated with containerized logistics of materials and devices. In order to ensure maximum safety at sea, we have replaced gas welding with a considerably more efficient HILBIG electric pinning system.

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